New TG Rash Guards

Training Grounds is excited to be teaming up with Sub Apparel to produce our new line of rash guards.


  • Black for all disciplines
  • IBJJF approved ranked (colour) rash guard
  • Tight fitting
  • Bottom rubber band to avoid up lift
  • Unisex design

How to Pre-Order

Pre-orders are done via Zen Planner, please following the links below


What if the size I order doesn't fit?

As long as it hasn’t been trained in we can exchange.

How long will it take to be deliever to the gym?

We are giving students 2 weeks to complete the pre-orders, then 6-8 weeks for delivery.

What if grade to a higher belt?

No problems, we will exchange for your new colour.

I'm a white belt, can I get a black rashie instead?

I would highly suggest against this. The reason being higher belts take into consideration your experience when rolling, which can be estimated by your rash guard.

If you wear a black rashies and travel, you will be treated like a black belt.

Is short sleeve available?

No, the reason for long sleeve is to cover as much you body as possible to stop the spread of skin infections.

Can I order after stock arrives?

We will have limited stock on hand, so we can’t guarantee if you don’t pre order you will be able to get a rashie.