Self defence classes

Self Defense Classes

Our self defense classes are designed to teach students how to deal with attacks ranging from breaking a grip to controlling and submitting an attacker. The four areas we cover in each class are

  1. Situational awareness
  2. Distance management
  3. Control position
  4. Submit or escape

Below are some common questions in regards to our self defence classes.

How does BJJ match up against Krav Maga, Karate, Taekwondo etc

If you’re wondering if BJJ is the right self defense martial art check out this article Self-defence and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It goes into detail why BJJ is a leading self defense martial art.

Is striking involved?

light striking is involved to simulate attacks and to teach safe control

What do I need/wear?

  1. shorts / leggings / gym attire
  2. a rash shirt or an old clean t-shirt you don’t mind if it gets stretched
  3. remove all jewellery
  4. hair elastics for long hair
  5. 16oz MMA gloves – If you don’t have these they will be provided ( communal )
  6. a mouthguard is recommended

What time is the self defence classes?

Please see our timetable as its kept up to date

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