IBJJF athletes membership – DRAFT

Guide to registering for an IBJFF athletes membership.

I would suggest using a desktop instead of a mobile device when attempting this process. The forms don’t always respond appropriately on mobile devices.

  1. Visit https://www.bjjglobetrotters.com/become-a-member/
    1. Enter and submit your details to BJJ Globetrotters, when you get to the Academy and Link field enter
      1. Academy: Training Grounds Drummoyne
      2. Link (URL): https://www.tgdrummoyne.com.au
        Link Text: Training Grounds Drummoyne
    2. You will receive a confirmation email from BJJ Globetrotters, this process is manually verified by BJJ Globetrotters and can take 48 hours.
  2. Visit https://www.ibjjfdb.com/Account/Register and fill out your details, when you get to the Athlete Information section, select
    1.  Academy: BJJ Globetrotters
    2.  Professor: Christopher Bard Haueter
    3. Once submitted, go to your account page, and under Account Status there is a orange button that says “Click here to request your membership”.
    4. You can now download your  Application for Membership ID PDF.
  3. You will now need to contact BJJ Globetrotters via email