Eric Holmstrom

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach

Eric has been training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) since 2009. Looking to lose weight and couldn’t keep momentum lifting weights, he walked into a gym near his bus stop.

“I remember rolling with Karen, a blue belt and tiny in size. I learned to tap real quick that day and here I was thinking I would be the one going easy.”

Eric fell in love with the martial art ever since and was awarded his black belt (and all belts) under Fabio Glazer and continues to compete to this day.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Rickson Gracie -> Jorge Pereira -> Paulo Guimaraes -> Fabio  Galzer


  • 2019 NSW State Championships – Male Brown Master2 79kg(82.3 kg) Gi – Gold
  • 2019 Grappling Industries Sydney – Male Brown Masters1 77kg Gi – Gold
  • 2018 NSW State Championships – Male Brown Master1 79kg(82.3 kg) Gi – Gold
  • 2018 NSW Sub Only Championship – Adult Male Brown & Black Belt 77kg – Gold
  • 2017 Aus Sub Only – Inaugural cup – Adult Male Brown 77kg – Silver
  • 2017 Grappling Industries Sydney – Adult Male Brown 77kg – Gold
  • 2017 Events BJJ Initiator Cup – Male Brown Adult 79kg(82.3 kg) Gi – Bronze
  • 2016 Grappling Industries Sydney – Male Brown & Black 76kg Gi – Bronze
  • 2016 NSW BJJ Federation Autumn Cup – Male Brown Adult 73kg(76kg) Gi – Silver
  • 2016 Initiator Crown -Male Brown Adult 73kg(76kg) Gi – Bronze
  • 2015 NSW BJJ State Championships – Male Purple Master1 73kg(76kg) Gi – Gold
  • 2013 NSW BJJ CUP – Male Purple Adult 79kg Gi – Gold
  • 2012 NSW Spring Cup – Male Blue Adult 73kg Gi – Gold
  • 2012 Newcastle BJJ Open – Male Blue Adult 73kg Gi – Gold

Stjohn Black

Striking (Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA) Coach

Stjohn has been training Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA for the past 7 years and competing for the last 5 years.

Since obtaining his purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, Stjohn moved to Training Grounds where he has been an active fighter since May 2019.


  • Purple Belt (BJJ) 35+ Matches
  • 2014 & 2015 ISKA Combat Grappling Champion

Liam Minett

Strength & Conditioning Coach and Kids Coach.

Liam I lived the corporate life for 20 years and loved it. Travel, clients, deadlines, stress, dinners and booze. It wasn’t until I came out of the other side, that I realised the toll on my physical and emotional wellbeing, and on my relationships.
I’m all about progress, each day better than the previous, each achievement a step up from the last, and I know I’m my best person when I’m strong.


Outside of my private practice, I’ve trekked Kilimanjaro 5895M, done a little mountaineering: glacier hiking, day climbing in the alps and summiting Gran Paradiso x2 (Italy) 4061M and Mont Blanc (France) 4808M. Completed an Ultra Trail marathon 100Km in the Blue Mountains and started my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey 3 years ago. I also teach a strength and conditioning class weekly.

I’m cert 111/1V qualified in personal training.